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About LVS

LVS is the only student party which represents áll students. Each type of student is allowed their own vote and opinion in student participation. We are known for being a very open student party who work both actively and pragmatically. Recently, much has changed in the Dutch education system. The government plans to make universities themselves responsible for the quality of their education. We propose that these plans should not only improve quality of education but also increase efficiency. Knowledge transfer and qualitative education ought to be the goal of the university, not merely success rates and ranks.


LVS understands that there is no such thing as a typical ‘Leidse student’. In a continuously internationalizing university we believe that the university should not only focus on diversity but also on inclusivity. Because what is the point of being diverse when you are not inclusive, when people do not feel at home or safe? We believe that every student follows their own path during his or her student days. Each path is unique for each student. Moreover, we acknowledge that each type of student has very different needs when it comes to education. That’s why the LVS aims to mirror the diverse community of Leiden University.


For ten years already LVS has had the privilege to speak on behalf students in the different councils. We have made significant progresses over the past ten years and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about what is going on within our university. We hope to be able to continue our work in the councils for ten years more! 

Party programme

LVS is a student party which is active all year round. We organize drinks for new members, team building activities, debates, et cetera. But the most important time of the year is the election week! In May, Leiden University students have the power to vote for a party which represents their ideals in the student participation councils. In the election manifesto below you will find how and why your vote will help us improve your education at Leiden University.

Council members

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